Sunday, January 27, 2008

Open Gate Theatre 25th Anniversary

Shared Vision
Celebrating 25 years of Open Gate

Saturday February 23, at 8pm
(Reception/party to follow)

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
2225 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles (click on to mapquest)
(one block west of Eagle Rock Blvd., easily accessible from both the 2 and 134 freeways)

Admission $15
(students, seniors, and series performers $10; people who have performed with OGT free)
Parking is free and plentiful, including the Bank of America lot.

For further information, call Open Gate Theatre at (626) 795-4989.

Work by the following artists:
(click on highlighted names for websites)

Pip Abrigo, Bill Casale, Alex Cline, Brad Dutz, Vinny Golia, Luke Hatanaka, Tuba Heatherton, Tobar Mayo, Christina Linhardt, George McMullen, Gloria Newton, Rika Ohara, William Roper, Mitsu Salmon, and Will Salmon

“a voice in the wilderness, calling forth a new movement in Music and dance.”
Richard Sandres, Rendezvous Magazine

“… multidisciplinary art that grasps for the infinite.”
John Payne, L.A. Weekly

“The music is something akin to 14th century Incan Rock and Roll”
Tim Johnson, Redlands Daily Facts

Open Gate Theatre is the joining of creative artists; instrumentalists, clowns, singers, puppet/mask makers, dancers, and actors; writers, composers, choreographers, and visual artists; joined together in a central artistic vision. Most of these artist have worked together for many years and many projects.

In our twenty five years we have produced over 280 concerts, premiered and created three Operas, three musical dramas, two Biblical Masques, and seven evening long dance dramas. We have jointly created a unique style and approach to the joining of the arts, while innovating in several of them. We have presented over 200 different ensembles in music, dance, drama, clowning, and performance. We have been presented in Tokyo, New York City, and Berlin.

We are also celebrating our new relationship with Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock as “Creative Partners”.

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Glen Nelson said...

William, I'm writing an article about operas by Mormon composers. I came across your name and Atsumori in the BYU database. If it's appropriate to you, I'd like to include you and your work in my article. I've seen reference to operas on Orpheus and Agamemnon. Can you give more information on your operas? Glen